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Welcome to my journal! =D

credit scan to [info]yay_y3nnyfer
Well... This is the place where I fangirl about my favourite groups!

It's a semi-friends journal, as you read in the banner XD... In general, most of the posts are about fandom, but lately I've also been writing a lot about real life, hope you don't mind. Please, comment before adding me, so that I can add you back (/inner thought: how can I add someone who appears out of nowhere?! D:). ^^  To know if we have some common interest, take a look at my profile in the following cuts or in the user info. =)
Please, don't mind if I make some English mistake ^^'

Name: Chiemi

About me: I'm a Brazilian 20 year-old student. I'm shy and perfeccionist... To me everything has to be well done otherwise it's useless! XD I'm trying to change, though...To accept myself the way I am and to not be so strict about everything. Besides, sometimes I get so lazy to do things that I tend to procrastinate a lot...But other than that, I'm a faithful and cheerful person and I like listening to people (more than talking in real life, but in fandom, I'm very talkative! XD).
And I used to not care about j-music itself... I just listened to their music as a crazy anime and manga otaku!  XD But fandom is changing me...! *LOL*  And now I can say that I'm really happy for the day I created a LJ account and entered the fangirling world! <3

Some of my favourite anime series: Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Skip Beat, Gundam Seed, Ouran, Kimi ni Todoke...I used to be a huge fan of Naruto, but it was so long that I gave up following the series x__x

Some of my favourite manga series: Ouran, Bakuman, Skip Beat (despite becoming so long and boring u.u'), Dengeki Daisy and Kimi ni Todoke. Some of the finished ones I love: Fruits Basket, Hana Yori Dango, Cat Street, Special A, Full Metal Alchemist and Zettai Kareshi.

And then, I'm catching up to jdramas. I've never been reeeaally interested in japanese dramas. Maybe I'd be more if the internet connection were faster lol, but I still try to watch them.

Some of my favourite artists and groups (not necessarily in this order)

- V6

It may sound cliché, but the main reason for loving this group is the fact that the members dance and sing well simultaneously, and that they have a very dorky side to contrast to the super-cool image of them. XD  I can't explain how V6 became so addicting, to the point that now it is my favourite JE group (along with Kanjani <3), just know that I can't go back to many of the kouhai group fandoms. XD

Favourite members: Overall, it's Inocchi and Ken (baka kyodai~), but Idk, lately it's been pretty hard to say who is my favourite, because the more I know them, the more I love them. <3

- Kanjani ∞

Basically, Kanjani caught my attention because besides the fact that all of them can play instruments, they love each other like a family and give a special vibe that cheers one up! <33 They can be fun in the great majority of the time, and make you LOL, but when they’re serious they can even touch your heart.

Favourite members: I love all the members. Can't pick a favourite. XD

- GReeeeN

I love GReeeeN because, even though they have never shown their faces nor have they held a concert before, their music always gives me strength to face my routine, to not feel down over the difficulties. In few words, GReeeeN is amazing! <3333

- Ayaka

I love all her songs... She can perfectly express her feelings when she sings and her voice is unique! I hope she's doing well in her treatment and that one day she can come back to the music world! <3  I miss you, Ayaka!~ ;___;

- Lead

I have heard of this group a long time ago (at about five years), but didn't have any interest in japanese boybands back then. I just feel sorry for Lead's lack of activities, because it's such an amazing group, in which all the members dance hip-hop in synchrony and sing well live.


Since the first time I saw YELL performance during Kouhaku Utagassen, this group caught my attention. I have listened to Blue Bird before, but wasn't really interested... I love Kiyoe's voice and the band's harmony! <3


I love that this is a mixed group, which makes them different from others, but not less amazing. I might be getting repetitive saying the "sing and dance well" stuff, but it's true about Triple A! Their choreography is very cooI and makes you want to dance too. XD Moreover, I find NissyxMisako (or TakaUno =p) cute, despite not shipping any pair. <3


To me, Kobukuro is one of the best duo from J-music. Whenever I listen to their music, I have a good feeling. I won't say anything else about them. Listen to their songs and you will understand. XD

Geez, I have already edited this post countless times, but still think that it is beta and needs improvement. It will be updated from time to time. ^^'

EDIT: This profile is completely outdated and needs to be rewritten.


hello there,im a v6 fan,n i 100% agree wif u that they are the best in dancin in sync...yay!!
hope we can b friend.yoroshiku ne =)
Hi, I've added you back. Hope we can be friends too and talk a lot about V6! ^^