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Well, I'm back... to celebrate V6's Anniversary! <3 It has been a bit more than a year since I joined V6 fandom, and even now I feel like I have much to know about the group. I just love them. And I love listening to their songs and watching anything related to them. I love their their cool and flawless side, but also their dorky side, especially when they fail (for instance, Sakamoto freaking out after coming across an insect or Go afraid of the Mistery Box XD). I love their OTPs, the way they interact with one another, as if they were really a family.

So, HAPPY 16th ANNIVERSARY, V6! May you stay healthy and united and keep happy interacting! :D


Just saying those words of thanks once
Makes me full of smiles
And happiness blooms
Thank you, with all my love

From V6 - Arigatou no Uta
(Source: JpopAsia)

And know that I'll keep supporting you! <333333

No gifs and pictures, because my laptop crashed two days ago and I have just found out that it won't be fixed, which means that I lost all my files, including the gifs I thought of using today. :(


Aww I feel your pain. I broke my laptop 2 weeks ago and it's still not back from repairs. But at least the chances of it getting repaired at all seem to be not too bad. But yeah, losing all your files sucks! D:

The person in charge of fixing it said that even if they change the item that caused the problem, there is no guarantee of restoring the laptop, and it is quite expensive, so idk if if it's worth fixing it. :x

Thanks! <3 HAPPY V6 DAY to you too!