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Jan. 1st, 2030


Welcome to my journal! =D

Well... This is the place where I (used to) fangirl about my favorite groups!

It's a semi-friends journal. In general, most of the posts are about fandom, but lately I've also been writing a lot about real life, hope you don't mind. Please, comment before adding me, so that I can add you back. To know if we have some common interest, take a look at my profile in the following cut or in the user info.

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Feb. 17th, 2013


(no subject)

I know nowadays people don't use lj anymore, and I know nobody will read it anyway...It's just that, whenever I log in and find my f-list page pretty much dead, it's kinda sad. I miss the friends I made here and the times we used to talk about fandom, but I understand, it all changed, each one of us have issues to deal with in real life and there is no time for flailings anymore. Or maybe there's change of interests (which has become my case, I guess), and you know you no longer belong to a fandom when you go from "OMG, they are flawless-freaking-perfect-shfsljasflajdlk" *inserts all kind of shiny and joyful emoticons* to "Oh, really, didn't know about their activities. Why don't I feel a bit excited about it?" kinda.  

I just wanted to say it, more like a confession post. *shrugs*

Nov. 1st, 2011



Well, I'm back... to celebrate V6's Anniversary! <3 It has been a bit more than a year since I joined V6 fandom, and even now I feel like I have much to know about the group. I just love them. And I love listening to their songs and watching anything related to them. I love their their cool and flawless side, but also their dorky side, especially when they fail (for instance, Sakamoto freaking out after coming across an insect or Go afraid of the Mistery Box XD). I love their OTPs, the way they interact with one another, as if they were really a family.

So, HAPPY 16th ANNIVERSARY, V6! May you stay healthy and united and keep happy interacting! :D


Just saying those words of thanks once
Makes me full of smiles
And happiness blooms
Thank you, with all my love

From V6 - Arigatou no Uta
(Source: JpopAsia)

And know that I'll keep supporting you! <333333

No gifs and pictures, because my laptop crashed two days ago and I have just found out that it won't be fixed, which means that I lost all my files, including the gifs I thought of using today. :(

Sep. 14th, 2011


Love for this group.

Just wanted to say: Happy 6th Anniversary, AAA!!!! To think that I had first listened to your songs five years ago and had no idea of who were the members, but it didn't matter, as I didn't care much about Jpop at that time and was busy with HS. Thankfully, I came across you guys again last year and now Triple A is one of my favourite groups. :D

I <3 you!~ Hope AAA is more and more successful! <3  Also hope to buy the best album, but it will depend on the currency rates...

Old gif, but still my favourite. XD Let's party!!!!~~ 

Sep. 11th, 2011


(no subject)

Okay, since lj failed to post my entry, I'm crossposting it.

Happy Birthday, Yassan!!! I wish I could post something, but right now I'm so sleepy I can't think of anything. So, those words I wrote last year...

"His smile brightens my days.

His j-webs give me a good feeling.

He is one of the reasons for me too keep on supporting Kanjani8.

To me, Yasu is one of the most talented. He composes good songs and is the best guitarrist among Eito. Moreover, he designs nice drawings and performs the members' characters well.

I don't agree that he's just girly. He might have this side, and might even wear ridiculous clothes sometimes, but when he show his manliness, OMG, he can be so breathtaking!

Yasu, I wish all the best to you. That you grow even more along with Eito and can be very successful! <333 No need to say that I'll always support you, right? XD"

...are still valid, okay? I <3 you~ 

Sep. 7th, 2011


Just some ramblings...

Yesterday, after reading this, my face was like that:
Cut for gifs and to not mess up your f-list. :)Collapse )

The only sad side of the story is that it's probably gonna be broadcast in the same timeslot, which means that the ratings probably won't change much. But anyway, we will be able to keep seeing V6, which is already awesome! And I hope it's an amazing show, to the point it surpasses the former two (okay, GeI doesn't count, because I don't think it would ever be replaceable~). Though I will still miss Mission V6 and its silly, but funny, crack and crazy missions which always make my week. ;___;

Changing subjects, hi f-list! Long (very long D:) time no see. How is everyone doing? I have lots of stuffs to write about my life and fandom, but it's subject for another entry. ^^" Hope everyone is doing well anyway. <3

I miss everyone and posting here. Hope to come back soon, as Livejournal seems to be fully back for good. 

See you! o/ 

Aug. 8th, 2011


Happy Eito Day!!!!

Since it's still 8th here...I couldn't let this day pass without celebrating it somehow, right?  Because an eighter is always an eighter, regardless of crisis in life or interest changes. XD


Feb. 28th, 2011


Just a random entry to keep the journal and my fangirl side alive. ^^'

Hey there!  How is everyone doing? I know, I failed last week as a lj and twitter friend again (as much as I'm failing at life). I try to comment but when I get to read friends' posts, I'm already late and I don't feel like saying anything. -___-' Sorry, I hope to be more active here and on twitter and that soon I can come back with good news in real life as well. By now, I have about nothing really interesting to tell you. -___- *bows*

Fandom random comments

Short comments, but cut because it might not interest everyone. ^^'Collapse )

On a side note, I'm watching American Idol. It's the first time I'm following the show since the state auditions. Right now, it's still in the top 50 here, but I know that the show is in the top 12 already and I'm resisting to read spoilers. XD Is there anyone following the show? If so, what do you guys think about the candidates and the juries?

So, I guess that's all. Sorry for this messing this post full of crossing outs, brackets and possibly English mistakes. Also, thanks if you get to read it anyway. XDD

See you again soon! o/

Feb. 20th, 2011


Hope I'm not late, since it's still 20th here...^^'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must confess that you left me a bad first impression with the "Ready?" hairstyle and I thought you were some kind of badass, negligent person with that moustache and blond hair lol. XD Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful fandom I could discover how awesome you are and how bad it is to judge people by their appearance. I love you not only because you are one of the best dancers from JE, but also for being such a dork when you are with the whole V6 (especially KenKen and Inocchi lol) and at the same time so shy. =]

I wish you all the best and that you keep making good and epic moments with all the members!!! <3

I know that I'm bad at birthday posts, so...to make up for that, I made some (crap) gifs to express my love and share the flailings with V6 fans (in special [info]prisps, [info]saraufc and [info]asya_chan, who love Go~). XD /hopes they're still on V6 vibes.

Cut to not bother your f-list. ^^'Collapse )

On a side note, I'm also writing to say that I'm still around LJ, despite not commenting/reading f-list. I feel like I'm losing track of fandom again due to some happenings in rl that are making me upset, but I hope things settle soon and that I can catch up with everything. <3

Feb. 4th, 2011


Fandom ramblings, finally! XD

I just realised that I haven't been talking about Kanjani at all and it was supposed to be my main JE fandom. XD For instance, last week was Hina's birthday and I didn't know totally forgot about it. /gets scolded by Gorilla-kun Plus, the only concert I have watched so far was PUZZLE, after more than half a year of procrastination. D:

Calm down, Yoko! XD (credit gif to lihuen )

On a bright note, I finally got to watch 8Uppers (a while ago, despite not mentioning XD), Jitensha Shonenki and the 2006 Winter Drama SPs. Yess, my Eito fangirl side is back!!!! =D

Next is probably...Arigatou Okan? .___. /misses the chicchai ossan and didn't really like Double

/wanted to post this entry since Monday...Procrastinated because she decided to download all the specials and make gifs. However, she is too lazy to finish the gifs today *lol* and she is tired of editing it all the time, so she will post them in another entry

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