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I know nowadays people don't use lj anymore, and I know nobody will read it anyway...It's just that, whenever I log in and find my f-list page pretty much dead, it's kinda sad. I miss the friends I made here and the times we used to talk about fandom, but I understand, it all changed, each one of us have issues to deal with in real life and there is no time for flailings anymore. Or maybe there's change of interests (which has become my case, I guess), and you know you no longer belong to a fandom when you go from "OMG, they are flawless-freaking-perfect-shfsljasflajdlk" *inserts all kind of shiny and joyful emoticons* to "Oh, really, didn't know about their activities. Why don't I feel a bit excited about it?" kinda.  

I just wanted to say it, more like a confession post. *shrugs*


I know exactly what you mean, I feel the very same way :(
And I read all my f-list posts, even though I don't write anymore because... yeah, people were not interested in my post even back then in the "glorious times"... I don't think anyone would care about them now XD
Thank you for your post anyway <3
Hi, Guimi! Wow, it has been so long, how are you?
Yeah, same here, I read posts of the few people who still update their journals but I don't comment anymore because I sort of lost ties with them, so it's like we don't know each other anymore lol.
Aww, I loved your posts! <3
You're welcome. I just needed to write that down, have been thinking about it for months, until I finally decided to express it. XD
I think everyone still reads LJ, it's just we don't post as much XD Conversations are so much more immediate on Twitter... >.> I don't think I'll ever stop being a fangirl, haha, even if I don't keep up 100% with all activities I still have the love in my heart! XD
I think so too, I myself don't post much, but lately have just been missing the good old times. XD
Yeah Twitter has become the easiest way of communicating and the best thing is that it's through short messages, so it doesn't require much time (too bad I've deleted my account lol).
I'm still a fangirl at heart too, just with other fandoms in mind, not that I've left the old ones though...Perhaps I might even come back someday. :)
"Oh, really, didn't know about their activities. Why don't I feel a bit excited about it?" <- i get that too.

i'm genuinely happy for all my fandoms, but i think it's the time issue for me..and how i'm taking on more hobbies/going out more .. or i'm lazy to flail. HAHA. *Shrugs*

What saddens me, however, is when you lose an LJ friend because of fandoms. I always saw LJ more than fandoms, but some people see it differently. Nevertheless, my f-list has been pretty quiet these days too...as I have xD