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Okay, since lj failed to post my entry, I'm crossposting it.

Happy Birthday, Yassan!!! I wish I could post something, but right now I'm so sleepy I can't think of anything. So, those words I wrote last year...

"His smile brightens my days.

His j-webs give me a good feeling.

He is one of the reasons for me too keep on supporting Kanjani8.

To me, Yasu is one of the most talented. He composes good songs and is the best guitarrist among Eito. Moreover, he designs nice drawings and performs the members' characters well.

I don't agree that he's just girly. He might have this side, and might even wear ridiculous clothes sometimes, but when he show his manliness, OMG, he can be so breathtaking!

Yasu, I wish all the best to you. That you grow even more along with Eito and can be very successful! <333 No need to say that I'll always support you, right? XD"

...are still valid, okay? I <3 you~