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Just some ramblings...

Yesterday, after reading this, my face was like that:

and then, it turned to that:

I was going to post my rants about the end of the show today, but then, good news came this morning, as V6 will have a new show! :D

And that was how I felt when I read the news! XD 

The only sad side of the story is that it's probably gonna be broadcast in the same timeslot, which means that the ratings probably won't change much. But anyway, we will be able to keep seeing V6, which is already awesome! And I hope it's an amazing show, to the point it surpasses the former two (okay, GeI doesn't count, because I don't think it would ever be replaceable~). Though I will still miss Mission V6 and its silly, but funny, crack and crazy missions which always make my week. ;___;

Changing subjects, hi f-list! Long (very long D:) time no see. How is everyone doing? I have lots of stuffs to write about my life and fandom, but it's subject for another entry. ^^" Hope everyone is doing well anyway. <3

I miss everyone and posting here. Hope to come back soon, as Livejournal seems to be fully back for good. 

See you! o/ 


hi still remember me?
how r u doing now?havent heard anything frm u for months..
glad to see u back in here=D..nice gifs btw=)'nagano the candle' is just legend=P
Hi!!! Yes, I remember you! :D
I'm still recovering, but I'm feeling much better than before. :) Aww, that was because my journal has been unstable during all this time. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed, so I decided to wait a bit more before posting and now thankfully it seems to be back.

Thanks! <3 And I'm glad to talk with you again. I love Nagano the candle, it is one of the best moments from 2003 Love & Life concert. XD
Hiii~ :DD
How are you?
So true, many things happened in fandom lately @-@

[You make me want to watch V6 shows XDD]
Hi!!! :D
I'm fine. What about you?
There are so many things that just one entry wouldn't be enough. XD

If you have time, please watch them! <3 They are very fun and show the true side of V6 *-* By the way, here there is a V6 pimp post. :)
I've been busy but I'm back :D

I hope I'll manage to do it!! Thank you :3