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Hope I'm not late, since it's still 20th here...^^'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must confess that you left me a bad first impression with the "Ready?" hairstyle and I thought you were some kind of badass, negligent person with that moustache and blond hair lol. XD Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful fandom I could discover how awesome you are and how bad it is to judge people by their appearance. I love you not only because you are one of the best dancers from JE, but also for being such a dork when you are with the whole V6 (especially KenKen and Inocchi lol) and at the same time so shy. =]

I wish you all the best and that you keep making good and epic moments with all the members!!! <3

I know that I'm bad at birthday posts, so...to make up for that, I made some (crap) gifs to express my love and share the flailings with V6 fans (in special [info]prisps, [info]saraufc and [info]asya_chan, who love Go~). XD /hopes they're still on V6 vibes.

The fail priest, who found out Jesus was Asian, has a cute smile. XD

Yeah \;D/


I love GoxKen. <3


On a side note, I'm also writing to say that I'm still around LJ, despite not commenting/reading f-list. I feel like I'm losing track of fandom again due to some happenings in rl that are making me upset, but I hope things settle soon and that I can catch up with everything. <3


I've just finished watching Ready? and made a few gifs, and one of them is precisely the same as your first one!! *_____*
And now I've opened my friends' page and see this shiny post! *to be honest, I wanted to post and request a V6 pic/gif spam, and you must have heard me XD*
And now I'm listening to Hoshi ga furu yoru demo and feel like crying T__T

Happy Birthday to dear Go-kun! It's; the first time I congratulate him, so it feels a bit awkward, but somehow right XD

Thank you for this post!
And I don't think V6 vibes will let go of me any time soon XD I'm sure I'll love them more and more for a few years definitely! ^^

I hope your rl troubles go away soon and you'll be fine! <3
Wow, you're fast! XD

Really?! It must be because that gif is one of the best moments from Ready? concert which by the way is amazing!
It's telepathy lol. XD I want to make and post more V6 gifs, but I just need the right opportunity to do it. ^^' /is lazy
Aww, that song is so beautiful. I understand why it makes you cry ;___;

It was my first time too, but maybe due to amount of videos I've been watching, I think I somehow feel familiar to V6 (and it was an excuse to post gifs lol). XD

You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it. <3
I know, right? They're addicting. XD

Thank you!!!! <3
And I forgot to say that I'd love to see your gifs as well. XD
I just happened to open LJ right at that time, because I somehow expected you to post something for Go and I knew it would be an interesting post! XD

I guess you're right! :D A very cute and funny moment! *and I love Ken in this suit!*

Yeah, I think I understand you a bit XD
I always want to post some gifs, but am sometimes too lazy XDD

I think it's that special atmosphere around them that makes everyone, even those who just start learning more about them, to feel attracted and somehow close to them.. ♥♥

Looking forward to hearing more from you! :D

I'll do my best to post them soon~ :D
lol Am I that predictable? XD But I'm still glad that you liked the post! <3

*me too~*

MTE. I still feel like I have a lot to learn about them, but I can't help but love them all. <33

I'll try to post more! XD

Yay! ^___^ V6 gifs are always welcome~ XD
the gifs are awesome!!!!! *.*
...and I have to admit that I like his ready hairstyle ever since he changed to it XD

I hope rl will get better :) *thumbs up*
Thank you! I'm glad you liked them! <3

I like his hair, but not much with the moustache and beard. XD I ended up getting used to it though. ^^"

Thanks!!! <33
I'm also not such a fan of his beard actually ^^'
but I'm somehow fascinated by Sakamoto's for Zorro XD
lol me too. XD And that curly hair fits so well. *-*
deshou?!!! XD
I was like OMFG when I watched the countdown and he appeard, but a second later I realized the sheer awesomeness! XDD
He looks so different and somehow sexy! XD

(And I would love a DVD from this Zorro version. *-*)
me too!
a friend of mine went to the butai, she had an awesome seat in the 1st row and she saif that the whole musical was amazaing! I so wanna see it too!!!! T_T
(late reply is late, but still... D:)

Your friend is so lucky! I've just read a report and the musical did seem awesome! *-* Now I demand a DVD lol~
np ^^

I DVD would be so awesome, but I guess we won't get one =(
Such a lot of nice gifs XD I am already out of the fandom too, though. It feels really weird somehow, because my friends still keep posting fangirly posts about the idols I used to look up to and now I just feel nothing, lol :D
Thank you!! ^^
I know this feeling...It's like you see all the flails but don't feel like joining the fangirling. =/
haha nice gif =) i like the first one, he has such a sweet smiling face ;)
happy bday go kun!!
i hope ur life will get better 2 =)
Thanks!!! I love that one too. <3
Thank you again. ^^

And your icon is amazing! XD
thanks =) their faces look so damn funny rite?? =P
Yeah, they do look funny! XD And cute. <3

Go, seu lindo!

Concordo plenamente! XD