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Fandom ramblings, finally! XD

I just realised that I haven't been talking about Kanjani at all and it was supposed to be my main JE fandom. XD For instance, last week was Hina's birthday and I didn't know totally forgot about it. /gets scolded by Gorilla-kun Plus, the only concert I have watched so far was PUZZLE, after more than half a year of procrastination. D:

Calm down, Yoko! XD (credit gif to lihuen )

On a bright note, I finally got to watch 8Uppers (a while ago, despite not mentioning XD), Jitensha Shonenki and the 2006 Winter Drama SPs. Yess, my Eito fangirl side is back!!!! =D

Next is probably...Arigatou Okan? .___. /misses the chicchai ossan and didn't really like Double

/wanted to post this entry since Monday...Procrastinated because she decided to download all the specials and make gifs. However, she is too lazy to finish the gifs today *lol* and she is tired of editing it all the time, so she will post them in another entry


I like the Spirits con~ Give it a try. Definitely one of their best concerts.
Arigatou, Okan made me cry like an idiot. and you get Tina♥ XD

Oh, and I wonder if this is too late but...
Will download it then. =D
Arigatou, Okan seems to be a great drama...Can't wait to download it (and yes, I want to see Tina too~ XD)!

It's okay, thank you!!! <333
Hahaha, sorry, that's my otp there XD

Just sayin' ♥
THEY ARE LOVELY, aren't they?<33333
hey! Happy delayed birthday!!!!

Thank you!!! And your gif is lovely! <333